SBFI Showroom


Technology Brief:

"To supply and install a high performance AV distribution including screen control and Cat6 Matrix"



Business as Usual:

A bustling showroom in the financial district, SBFI wanted to ensure their offices were connected. They needed multiple sources distributed to multiple screens with the ability to browse the web on screen, give presentations, and hold networking events.

Photographer: Thomas Alexander Photography

The Challenges:

A large and security conscious building, one of the main challenges was finding access time for all of our engineers – and ensuring we followed the safety regulations of the building.

The Inspired Solution:

Our PM liaised with both our clients, and the building management to arrange for our engineers to gain sufficient access. With the only access to the roof being between midnight and 3 o’clock in the morning, our team spent the early hours of the morning attaching the satellite dish.

An HDMI matrix was installed, using the client’s existing drawings, to bring new technology together. This allowed SBFI to use existing hardware, without sacrificing quality. Both the demonstration area and meeting room have multiple local input plates - allowing for guests to attach their devices – tablets, macs and pcs - to the system. A small rack manages all of the existing hardware, and the new sources that we had integrated and sits in a walk in store cupboard, allowing for regular access and service visits, without getting in the way of a busy office.