Richmond Park Residence


Home Technology Brief:

“A large family unit, each with a very different idea of what their home should include, this home control system must be fun, flexible and able to cover the 11,000 sq. ft. of property.”

Private Client 


The Party House:

With a vague concept of ‘technology’ for ‘entertainment’, our client’s wanted a home which fitted family life and socialite status, but had only the vaguest idea of how to achieve it.



The Challenges:

The challenge was to transform all of these desires into one family home. An ambitious design was drawn up; 16 televisions, 16 audio-zones, Wi-Fi, lighting control, HVAC, motorised shades, door/gate entry, CCTV, magnetic-locking doors/windows, water features, insect repellent… an endless list which only continued to expand as the family realised just how much their home could do for them.


The Inspired Solution:

We used the chic interfaces of Control4 and integrated Lutron lighting scenes to provide easy control of the basics – climate control, security, window treatments, motorized blinds and lighting. In addition to the functionality, colour-wash lighting became an unobtrusive way to add character throughout the property, becoming a stylish design feature through textured hallways and bespoke kitchen panelling. The younger children particularly enjoy their LED bathrooms and we even integrated their dual treehouses (one each) with Wi-Fi and colour-wash lighting, complete with their own engraved (weatherproof) keypad.

Then, the area our engineers really got their teeth into: the entertainment. This house covered all of it, from the colour wash spa and treatment area and 7.1 bar and media room to the 3screen video wall and gaming station and under-bed television lifts.