Oxfordshire Farm


Home Technology Brief:

"To design and install a system facilitating the short term objectives of a developer and the long-term needs of the eventual home-owner – all in the style of a traditional country property." 

SNS Properties 


Brief Overview:

A new construction by a private developer, the scope of the project was to provide a level of technology that would add value to the property and entice potential buyers. Any system would need to blend into the aesthetic of the semi-rural Oxfordshire property, whilst simultaneously offering all of the must-have features that a potential modern buyer might expect.

The Challenges:

Having no sight of who the end user would be, or how inclined they might be to modern technology, the system needed to cater for all possibilities. Words like reliable, flexible, upgradable, expandable, easy-to-use formed the mandate of the developer. The system also needed to be easily demonstrated by an estate agent.   

The Inspired Solution:

A sensible focus for any development, this design included a comprehensive cabling infrastructure. Not knowing the specific requirements of the end user, we installed a thorough infrastructure which would allow for upgrades and additions many years in the future. A Control4 system was integrated with Rako lighting control. The icing on the cake: one simple button at the front entrance for the estate agent that turns all the lights on at the perfect levels, loads up the home cinema and starts a classical music playlist throughout the rest of the home. 

Fast-forward 18 months, and a young family now resides in the property. They immediately took advantage of the investment in technology, adding speakers in ceilings where cabling had been provisioned and extra televisions in all the right places. A family with an international lifestyle and business commitments, many of the services are accessible remotely over the internet connection.