Inspired Office


Home Technology Brief:

“To provide a fit for purpose connected office for the future growth of Inspired Dwellings.”

Managing Director, Inspired Dwellings 


Brief Overview:

With Inspired Dwellings continued growth, we needed to start the search for a new office building. Upon finding Heathrow Corporate Park, although it was ideal in matching the space we required, it was not ready to move into immediately.  Inspired Dwellings wanted to create a new cutting-edge office that would not only allow for the normal office connectivity of all our staff, with telephones and managed wireless and wired data infrastructure, but also wanted it to be equipped with a control system, lighting, CCTV, door entry and the essential audio-visuals.

Thomas Alexander Photography


Inspired Dwellings encountered time restricted challenges; we needed to vacate our old offices by a certain date, therefore the pressure was on to get everything up and running in time for our moving date. We wanted to make sure everything was working for the team for their first day in the new office.  We also wanted it to be ready for client meetings, to enable clients to test the ease of a control system and encounter an audio-visual experience with the 5.1 surround sound system, screens and touch panels.

We also needed to maintain business continuity with as little disruption as possible, to enable clients and suppliers to contact us without any difficulty whilst we were moving premises. 

Inspired Solution:

To meet our moving date deadline, our engineers worked hard to install and integrate all the systems using the design plans drawn up by our design team.  We also used the Cisco telephone system to our advantage by programming our phones to direct all calls to work mobiles, or to our off site teams based around the UK. This ensured that we missed no calls and that we maintained a smooth running of the business throughout the moving process.

The Heathrow office is now equipped with all the essentials such as a Control4 system with integrated multi-room audio, lighting and door entry and CCTV systems, which is supported by a strong network infrastructure. 

Our system has been pre-programmed to allow for different scenes such as ‘Welcome’ and ‘All off’, which will turn on all the lighting and AV upon entering, and allow the last person leaving to shut down the building with ease respectively.  Different pre-programmed scenes also allow us to easily control the meeting room system and thus acts as the ideal demo space for clients.  Additionally, the system enables all of our employees to get a real feel for the products that Inspired Dwellings offer and install into our clients’ properties.