House on the Hill


 “With heavy design influences from the orient, this property required an AV system which allowed the client’s personality to shine through – whilst also facilitating the practicalities of a family with young children.”

Private Client


Family Life:

We all know technology is a vital part of our life style. But how do we keep the balance between fun & functionality, necessity & luxury? This family home fused the highest quality security with the fun touches of bedroom televisions, Apple TV and a full karaoke system.

The Challenges:

This Wimbledon family home needed a way to connect the home, the family, and the large exterior spaces to the front and rear of the property. Although entertainment was a priority, security and connectivity were an equally important part of the installation

The Inspired Solution:

A wired & Wi-Fi network and telephone system was installed to ensure comprehensive coverage was available throughout the home, meaning any future installs can be done smoothly and efficiently. A video gate entry system was then integrated which allows the family to talk to visitors, either from the on-wall touchpads or on their smartphones and tablets.

Sonos zone-player streamlines the family’s music playlists, playing through the home and garden through discreet in-wall and ceiling speakers. The family room’s home cinema also enjoys 5.1 surround sound and can be hidden when not in use by the eastern inspired oil painting.