Hill Top Surrey Home

Home Technology Brief:

A stylish modern townhouse located in the leafy suburbs in the outskirts of London. This home was being modernised to suite our client’s family style. As this town house is set over 5 floors the client wanted an easy to use home control system that allowed them to control their entire home from whichever floor they are on and most importantly the technology to have a minimal impact on their design ideas for the home.


Brief Overview 

The client was looking for a high-performance AV infrastructure consisting of AV, Data, lighting, and CCTV throughout the home. They wanted a home cinema experience, but using a TV rather than a projector. They also required the system to be very discreet and dual purpose.



Keeping the technology discreet was key to this project the client wanted a media room without the use of a projector and to use TV screens to get the cinema feel but not only this they wanted this as a dual-purpose room so it could be used for everyday tv watching as well as the lasts films. We designed a solution that allowed use of a day to day screen and also the use of a large 85” screen that could be brought out over the smaller screen all without impacting on the joinery.

In the sitting room, the client wanted a large TV but with no impact on the rooms aesthetics. And in the bedrooms, the client wished to have extra buttons to control the blinds and lighting but again keeping the design as discreet as possible. 

Inspired Solutions 

We spent a lot of time planning to create the discreet look that the client was after and to achieve this, we installed a Agath 49” Mirrored TV in the sitting area, this delivers the functionality of having a TV in the room without the obvious presence of a TV. This also added a real wow factor to the room. In the bedrooms, the client wanted to control not only the lighting but the blinds as well, this was not going to be easy with a single standard keypad nor did the client wish to have touch screens beside the beds. To achieve this, we had custom made double Lutron keypads allowing two standard keypads to be installed into one facia.