What to do about Music?

It’s very well having smart technology and infrastructure fitted into a home, however some of your clients may not use these services to their full potential.  If the user does not have the time to source or organise the music they wish to listen to, they are not receiving the best experience from the systems which have been installed.

To help clients resolve this issue, Inspired Dwellings have partnered with Playlister, a service which creates tailored playlists.

First, let’s have a look at the problem and history of sourcing music.

Purchasing music has not always been as simple as opening an online music streaming programme on your PC or Apple device to download your choice of music.  It meant heading down to your nearest record store to look at and pick from a limited selection of vinyl records.  The limitation with vinyl is that you are limited to the tracks already on the record, that is, unless you own a record making factory.  Thus creating your own playlist was out of the question.

Pre-recorded cassettes overtook vinyl records in the early 1980’s, where mixed tapes (essentially the equivalent of a playlist) became a phenomenon.  However, there is a limit to the amount of tracks per cassette.  Taping over a part of the mixed tape by mistake was also a common problem, leading to a ruined ‘playlist’ in seconds!

To combat the various problems which came along with cassettes, such as depleted sound quality, CD’s were created and today remain the standard physical product for the sale of commercial audio recordings.  Playlists however can only be created on a CD with the assistance of a PC.  Again, space per CD is limited and at a premium.  Consequently, it is no surprise that new technology – iTunes and online music streaming services – has resulted in a new norm for sourcing music and creating playlists.

iTunes allows music lovers to listen to purchased music, and create almost unlimited playlists.  Their existing CD collection can also be added to these playlists by downloading them onto a PC or MAC, before downloading onto their iPod.  The first Apple iPod completely revolutionised the music industry, with countless generations and variations to follow.

Online music streaming services such as Spotify, Dezer, Tidal, Rdio, and Rhapsody, have also offered customers an alternative way to source and organise their music.  Essentially, individuals stream music online for free, or at a cost for premium features.

The ease of sourcing music in this way is perhaps why it appears to be our future.  All your client needs is a good internet connection - the chances of them having this is high as their current or new-build home automation system will no doubt rely heavily on the internet.  It is also less costly, and music can be sourced instantly in the comforts of their home.

Knowing where to put all this music may be a challenge, however Inspired Dwellings has a couple of solutions to enable you to collate your existing and newly streamed music.

We work with Autonomic to deliver what we believe is an industry leading high performance media solution.  Autonomic not only supports online streaming media but also your existing MP3, iTunes and CD (subject to conversion) library’s.  It works to combine your existing CD collection, online streaming accounts, and iTunes library into one ‘music library’.  Integrating Autonomic with a Crestron or Control4 home automation system, enables you to play music in just one room, or different music in multiple rooms.

Furthermore, with Autonomics TuneBridge™ technology, your client will be able to create mixed queues and playlists e.g. from Spotify and their current music collection.  This is where Playlister fits in – allow TuneBridge to queue up the digital playlist created for your client by Playlister.

So, what is Playlister?

Well, who better to explain it than Ian Hudson & Dan Lywood from Playlister.

“Playlister is a versatile music consultancy, with a history in music curation, and high-end event DJs and programmers. We offer a trustworthy, collaborative and intelligent service, to individuals, venues, brands and the retail sector. Our understanding of genre nuances enables us to create the perfect sound to any specified mood, time or place. Playlister deliver music advice and content to international luxury clients including amongst others, The Standard Hotel Group, The Chiltern Firehouse, LVMH and Prada as well as a number of A list private individuals.”

What problem is it solving?

  • For an individual:

Today, we have access to 10,000’s of songs, but leading a busy working, social and family life means we do not have the time to navigate through all of them, keep track of new song releases, or even look at our own back catalogue.

Playlister does all the work for you and enables you to discover new music.  Simply request a specific genre of music, and a customised playlist will be created for you.  Allow Playlister to create various playlists to fulfil any mood you are in!

  • For a business:

Playlister is the perfect solution for any business wanting to maintain consistency with their overall brand image.  Whether they are trying to create an appropriate store environment or portray a certain mood for their marketing campaign, Playlister can deliver the ‘right’ music to play.

How does it work?

There are two options after Playlister has extensively researched the type of music your client wishes to appear in their playlist.

1. Via Itunes

This option requires Playlister to buy music from iTunes on behalf of a client, which can be done remotely if the client provides Playlister with their account details. A tailored playlist is then formed from all the purchased music, where the client owns all the music.

2. Mixed alternative via Autonomics

A playlist is put together by Playlister from a mix of online music streaming providers (such as Spotify) and your client’s existing music collection provided by Autonomic.  Your client would still have access to a vast amount of music, however would not own any of the streamed music.

Once your client has their playlist, they will be able to play it in their home or homes.

What other services does Playlister provide?

Firstly, Playlister DJs are available to perform at events. From DJ sets at The Secret Garden Party festival, to Elton John’s White Tie Ball, Playlister has it covered.  Secondly, Playlister has released their first official album ‘Beach Rouge’ on their record label ‘Playlister Records’ – available to purchase on iTunes.

For more information on Playlister, Autonomics or Inspired Dwellings, drop us a line on 020 7736 6007 or email [email protected]

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