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And a big welcome to Inspired Dwelling’s brand spanking new blog, designed by yours truly to keep you up to date on all things Inspired.

Over the next few months we will be sharing the latest Industry news, product release dates and behind the scenes info for some of our most fabulous property installations. We’ll also be working with our in-house engineers and designers to bring you some cheeky video footage, giving you more in depth detail and demonstrating some of our favourite products.

And who am I to promise you such irresistible integrated info? A recent Lancaster University graduate, I’ve journeyed down to the big city from the blustery heights of Newcastle to help propel Inspired Dwellings to the heart of social media – and hopefully learn a thing or two myself. Join me as I delve into the savvy glamor of system integration and learn the ins and out of custom installation. From automated AV plug and play infrastructures to HD Video Distribution ready receivers, or even if you just like looking at the pretty pictures (believe me, I know which category I fall under) you will find it all under Inspired Dwelling’s proverbial roof.  

Can’t get enough? Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for some more snapshots into the inspired dwellings world.


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