Streaming and the Future of TV

Audio-visual home technology features are central to a smart home, and it is one of the primary products we offer our customers.  There are many products available, however as Inspired Dwellings has seen a transformation of the television viewing experience over the past decade, we would like to help you instruct your client on the future of television and the more popular products currently available.

TV used to be associated with a hard copy TV guide, a basic selection of five channels, and multiple remote controls.  Today, viewing has become more interactive and consumable; we have access to hundreds of channels, we are able to download free catch-up apps such as BBC iPlayer, and we can subscribe to on-demand internet TV services.  Additionally with technology evolving daily and home automation systems such as Control4 and Crestron becoming increasingly popular, all the technology in your client’s media room can simply be controlled by a single Control4 remote, or a touch panel.

An outlook into what the future of television could become started with the launch of Netflix, a form of streaming, and was followed soon after by an influx of additional subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services.  Streaming is the delivery of data over an internet – wired or wireless – connection; Inspired Dwellings work with ZyXEL and Cisco to deliver our customer enterprise-grade internet solutions that guarantee a reliable TV viewing experience.  Some of the most popular streaming services are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sky’s Now TV, which can be accessed via applications on smart television platforms or mobile devices.  Other ways to stream are by purchasing media streaming products such as Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, where you simply connect the product to your smart TV with the cabling provided.

These types of services have gained millions of viewers each year, and global subscribers have been estimated to grow to 199m households by 2020 (Mintel 2014).  Therefore it is important for your client to invest in a smart TV if they want to be future ready for what television is yet to offer.  Inspired Dwellings supply our clients with Samsung or LG smart TV’s.

With streaming services getting cheaper and easier to use, customers have begun to question traditional viewing habits.  It has become so popular in recent years due to convenience; new technology enables your client to watch television on a variety of devices, at whatever time of the day they wish.  Streaming services are also providing new award-winning content, with a faster release rate so that for example you are able to watch TV aired in the US in a similar time frame.

Additionally, internet could become a requirement for certain formats such as 4K and 8K, and with download speeds becoming faster, streaming will no doubt remain a viable option for the future of television.  TV broadcasters are taking these changes and considerations into account, and as a result Sky has launched its new product line Sky Q to meet these needs which will only be available for purchase in early 2016.  See here for more information about Sky Q.

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