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The Inspired Dwelling’s Team seem to have caught some sort of bug last week. Not content with Wednesday’s day out at Sanddown Race Course for Essential Install Live, Marketing and Purchasing took a fly-by visit to the BPT Road Show, checking out some of the latest products in home security.

Although Audio Visuals (and Home Technology in general) provides a great home entertainment package for the modern smart home, today, more and more emphasis is being placed on the home security side of residential control systems. The importance of third party integrated options into a control system (CCTV, Door Entry Systems & Integrated Remote Access) give our client’s invaluable piece of mind, whether away for the weekend or working late in the office. Although there are many options on the market, the popularity of door entry systems in the MDU range was the driving factor behind seeing what BPT had to offer.

So, venturing out of London on a dreary Friday morning (always a risky business), we arrived in Sanderstead somewhat disorientated by the greenery on display, and headed over to Selsdon Park Hotel where the Road Show was taking place. It’s worth a quick side note here for any future attendees; ladies, no matter what purchasing tells you, events are very rarely ‘just around the corner’ from the train station. Flat shoes are advised.

Purchasing Manager Bert McGaughey quizzing BPTs Louis on the latest product releases

Swinging up the driveway (in a hastily arranged taxi), it was clear we weren’t the only ones interested in a guided tour, as the recognisable brands of BPT and CAME flew above a parking lot over-flowing with product vans, company vehicles and the familiar London ZIP cars.

Throughout the entire range, BPTs Italian roots were obvious, from the simplistic slim line design of the Lynea Receivers to the ‘European’ advertising [below]. The products which caught our eye (once we’d stopped pressing all buttons) were:


A tactile hands-free, wall-mounted video entry panel with intercom and LCD colour display. An easy wired or WiFi door entry system for installers the Perla range can be cabled using two wire technology, extendable as needed through the master. A greener, cost effective and easily expandable security solution.


An upgrade to the Perla range, Opale (& Opale WideScreen) uses touchscreen technology for a sleeker finish. “Touch Sensitive” keys give additional monitor space and feature video voice mail and porter calls. Both products have the option of hard wiring (X1) and networking (XIP) and can be connected to existing Home Control systems.

CAME presentation midflow

Used during the hour long seminar on the morning of the Roadshow, the videos for the Perla and Opale line, followed by a refreshingly honest behind the scenes tour of the BPT factory floor, provided a valuable insight to the production line. Follow the links below or check them out directly at the BPT website

Who ever said door entry systems can’t be sexy?

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