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t’s been fairly quiet in the Inspired Dwelling’s office this week, as a number of the team drifted across the Northern Sea to the picturesque city of Amsterdam for this year’s ISE. Well. That’s what they told us they were going for anyway. But that’s not to say we haven’t been busy! Tenders are out, awards have been entered and a never ending stream of meetings has kept the kettle constantly on the boil. Monday morning saw us heading over to a recently completed development, photographer Michael in tow, to take some fancy snapshots and demo videos for our portfolio. [So keep your eyes open!]

It’s always a bit strange going back to a project after completion. Thanks to the builders and architects who we work with, the sheer scale and design of our developments mean there’s always a glimmer of a luxury peeping through the swarming nylon jackets. Yet whilst that latent promise of glamour and sophistication is there, it’s often neatly hidden by billowing protective sheets and shiny new bubble wrap. The combination of early morning gloom, littered dust sheets and tepid temperatures often means a property’s personality can be overlooked in favour of building the perfect rack, or fine tuning a sound system. At that stage it’s hard to imagine anyone entering the property without looking slightly like something out of monsters inc – complete with white overcoats and bright blue overshoes.

But fast forward a few months to our Inspired Dwellings photo shoot and what do we find? The covetous sheets have all been whisked away and traded for carefully selected furnishings, just as the whistling builder/decorator/ landscaper have been replaced by the dignified babble of excited estate agents of last week’s launch.

Of course there were a few construction-type remnants scattered about to remind us that the property is yet to really come to life. The dreaded blue overshoes are still coyly waiting as you walked into the entrance hall and the brochures and business cards of everyone involved in the development are still scattered over the kitchen island. Even the furniture, beautiful though it is, was far too pristine and unpractical (cashmere cream rugs in the kids room anyone?) to fool anyone into thinking this was a day to day living space. In fact, it was coming up to the three hour mark before I could bring myself to perch on one of the perfectly plumped chaise-longue, in order to get a decent angle.

So whilst it was fab to pad around this gorgeous six bedroom home and snap away, it’ll be even more interesting to see how the property has changed in a few months’ time. From the bespoke furniture to the Control4 lighting settings, I imagine a lot of the house will be remoulded around the lucky owner’s tastes. With TV points in most of the rooms and AV options left open for the eventual end-user, there’s definitely room for some personality to be injected. I wonder what the lotto jackpot is this week…

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