Project Launch

“You’re drinking champagne at work? Is this how it works in London?!”

A sample of the outraged tweets I was smugly receiving last week, as we inched our way back to work down the snowy South London roads.

Unfortunately, as forward thinking as the Inspired office is, champagne at 11 am is not a usual occurrence. We were actually at a Savilles property launch in South West London, watching as GM Development unleash their most recent development onto the market amidst a sea of canapés and champagne bubbles.

Fully automated and complete with waterproof televisions, LGF cinema, control4 and surround sound, we were there to show cooing estate agents how everything worked and what possibilities there were for future additions.
[Below: Lead Engineer Casey doing most of the work!]

The snowy weather certainly hadn’t put off any of the viewers, and the four storey house was soon filled with the chatter of excited estate agents. Boots off at the door (who remembered to wear black socks?) and we were free to roam around the property, ranging through walk in wardrobes, peeking into the sauna and beautifully lit wine cellar and looking longingly into heated swimming pool. And of course I was there snapping away to bring you all a cheeky glimpse of our most recent project, before the official photoshoot gets started next week. Enjoy!

All thanks go to Garry at GM Developments.

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