New Wave Home Cinema and Kaleidescape.

With many of us being enthusiasts of the film and music industry for more years than we’d care to remember, we here at Inspired Dwellings have watched the growth of home entertainment with avid interest. The magic of the cinema is no longer limited to the darkened, interior of the local theatre. Instead, the modern entertainment seeker has swapped the smell of stale popcorn and inane cashier’s small talk, for his own front room, choosing from an array of ever growing affordable home cinema systems to satisfy his urge for the latest blockbuster.

This year’s influx of high-end televisions are partly to blame – both Samsung’s 85” S9 LED and LG’s OLED 4K offerings stole the show at this year’s CES –  increasing the standard of home entertainment systems, almost beyond recognition. 41% of American home owners are projected to own a home entertainment system by the end of this year, spending an excess of $18billion on buying, renting and streaming video content within the home. And with 4K definition (4x higher than the usual 1080p HD set) predicted to become mainstream within a few short years, the popularity of residential cinema systems is set to become larger than ever, whilst commercial cinema sales continue to plummet, grossing only 60% of its home theatre counterparts.

A big name in the movie-server business, Kaleidescape has taken a big leap from its usual costly streaming services, releasing an affordable high-end cinema solution, rivalling the competitions cheaper but less comprehensive movie servers. Still not exactly pocket change, CinemaOne is a high-end movie server, with-out the high-end price tag.

With enough storage to stream and store over 600 DVD or 100 Blu-Ray quality films, ‘Cinema One’ also uses an incredibly simple interface, which allows you to browse your collection via director, actors and genre. It also skips the menus, previews, ads – and the irritating person making whispered phone calls beyond you – to give you a seamless home cinema experience, all from the comfort of your own sofa.

A bespoke ‘Disk Vault’ allows users to store and back-up their own physical library (DVD or Blu-Ray) – any missing faves can be found on the exclusive Kaleidescape Store, which boasts over 250million media and markets itself as, “the only on-line store delivering the same audio-visual fidelity as actual Blu-Ray”.

The store also provides extras usually only found on a physical copy – director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes footage and audio scenes (we know you never watch it, but it is nice to have the option). Film buffs will enjoy the numerous collections at their fingertips, which range from film critic recommendations, national film spotlights to award-nominees and live concert suggestions.

Toddler Friendly Remote

Best of all (from our point of view), Kaleidescape integrates with your Home Control and Automation system; hit play and the lights will dim, your surround sound kicks in – you can even set door entry’s video voicemail, to ensure unexpected visitors don’t interrupt the  immersive experience. For those without the luxury of home control, this wireless home cinema centre comes with Smartphone apps, links to IOS devices, a stylish backlit remote; even an optional toddler friendly remote which ensures even the youngest members of your family can use the system with ease.

Whilst Cinema One is designed to be an affordable and single room solution to Residential Home cinema, the concept is expandable. Adding an additional server doubles memory space ( 1,200 DVDs or 200Blu-Rays), and provide seamless interaction throughout the home – so you can pause a film in one room and pick it up again seamlessly, either as you make a pot of tea or when you come back to it a few days later.

One of the most comprehensive media servers on the market, Cinema One costs around £3,000 in the UK. To discuss Kaleidescape further, or to arrange a home cinema consultation, give us a call at the Inspired Dwellings office today.

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