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Apple has released an upgraded version of Apple TV and Inspired Dwellings would like to tell you about what it is offering.  So, whether you already have Apple TV and are unsure about whether to upgrade, or you do not own Apple TV at all, hopefully this will help you with your decision.

What is Apple TV?

A small and sleek design, it is a media streamer enabling you to stream films, television shows, Apple music, and now games.  All you need to do is connect it to your TV with the cabling provided.  The aim is to personalise your TV experience in a similar way to your iPhone and iPad via the use of apps.  You will have a capacity choice of 32GB or 64GB to cater for all the new apps which can be accessed on the Apple TV app store.

What has been upgraded?


Apps are becoming increasing important in today’s world; there are apps to solve nearly everything you can think of, thus what could be more convenient than having access to apps on your television.  The selection of apps on the previous version of Apple TV was not the most fitting for British audiences.  For example, Sky Now TV was the only UK broadcaster to have an Apple TV app.  Netflix and YouTube were available but besides that there was foreign content that did not meet British needs. 

Consequently, Apple has taken this issue into account with their introduction of their new app store, where many apps including gaming apps are available.  The infamous Crossy Road game is exclusive to Apple TV, amongst other apps.  Further, universal apps will now include Apple TV, allowing you to pause the game on your phone and continue playing it on your TV.

‘Siri’ Remote Control

The new way of operating Apple TV is via Siri; your voice and touch can control what you watch and listen to.  There is a glass touch surface at the top, enabling you to navigate your library of TV shows until you find the one you want effortlessly.  The remote also uses Bluetooth, thus there is no need to point the remote directly at the television when you want to change the channel.  The remote can also be charged with the new lightening connector.


As Apple believe that apps are the future of television, they offer a slightly updated interface for Apple TV.  It has been made possible as a result of the introduction of a new operating system, tvOS, which was built for the living room environment.  App icons can now be moved around to personalise your TV experience, and new – exclusive to Apple TV – HD screensavers have been introduced that will play clips to suit the time of day.

Further, TVos allows you to flick between apps in a similar way to the iPad and iPhone.

If you are interested in Apple TV, please contact Inspired Dwellings on 020 7736 6007.

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