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What with pancakes, heart shaped chocolates, ridiculously over-sized bunches of flowers (which never-the-less make you giggle like a small toddler) I think it’s safe to say February may just be one of my favourite months. Even pay day comes sooner! The January blues are over and with most of us past the most vicious stages of man-flu, things were slowly beginning to even out in the office.

Spread the love! Everyone in the team had one of these waiting on their desks this morning… this is the Boss’s.

As the company continues to grow, training is becoming more and more important, with Rob and the Senior Managers making time in their busy schedules for chats and growth accelerating things. This of course spills over into the rest of the company, resulting in a Thursday night spent packing up early and gathering in the office for a quick team update and some activities. I don’t know whether you’d exactly call it bonding. The huge pile of post-its and whispered sniggering was actually slightly reminiscent of an over achievers after-schools club, but non-the-less it was a productive half hour or so of team building. After getting together in small groups we were asked by some fairly enthusiastic senior management to think of the ten words we associate most with Inspired Dwellings, numbering them in order of importance as we did so. Look what we came up with!

Amongst the obvious essentials (beer…attractive…hungry) it was pretty interesting from a marketing point of view to see which words came top. The larger words represent the adjectives which were repeated most often, and are obviously most associated with the company (on an internal level in any case). Have a look:

  1. Ambitious
  2. Driven
  3. Team
  4. Growing
  5. Sociable
  6. Committed

Management working hard…

Now, some of this isn’t really ‘Oh my god, stop the press, how did we not realise this’ news. The financial reports make it pretty clear we’re growing as does the past few months of rigorous recruitment. And naturally that’s mainly down to the fact we’re a driven and ambitious team. It’s strange to think that the company is only five years old. We’re still ironing out kinks but behind it all there’s a pretty smooth system of sales, operations and project management which allow us to offer a personalised system of install and aftercare that rivals competition a lot bigger than ourselves. What the figures don’t tell you is that this success is mainly down to the communication and personalities within the team itself. Whilst the language some mornings would make even Gordon Ramsey blush, there’s a humour and socialness behind it that keeps it being a fun place to be at 8 o’clock in the morning.

The concept of a smart home works because all elements of the building are on the same system, interacting and communicating to guarantee an end result in the smoothest way and most practical way possible. Which I reckon is a pretty good analogy for what we do in the office. Yeah alright, it’s cheesy. But you see my point. In essence we’re selling a product that works because it’s connected and the teamwork behind it needs to mirror that.

It may also be worth mentioning at this point, that it effectively took a late-night power cut at the local pub to push us all on towards our respective homes that night.

Well. Beer was an essential…

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