Kaleidescape Updates

What is Kaleidescape?

Kaleidescape is a movie server, offering a vast amount of choice, and it is one of the top company’s in the luxury video market.  Clients of Inspired Dwellings often opt for a Kaleidescape server when they are having a media room or home cinema fitted as they know they will be able to receive movies in high definition which will enhance their cinematic experience.


Sony Movies

Having secured a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Kaleidescape will soon be able to bring you 4K Ultra HD films from the online store.

Encore Product Line

The Encore Product line, which began with the Alto Movie Player launching last year, it will soon have additions to the product line including the Terra Movie Server and the Strato Movie Player.

Terra Movie Server

The Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server stores movies and delivers them to players on the home network, simplifying the process of selecting and playing DVDs and Blu-ray movies.  It can provide extra storage to the system to allow for 4K content to the Strato Movie Player.

Strato Movie Player

The Strato Movie Player is central to Kaleidescape’s new Encore product line, delivering the best video and audio performance for playing 4K content without start up delays and slow downloads.  It will be released early 2016, and when purchased, you will receive five 4K Ultra HD movies of your choice from Sony.

Disc Server

This is the perfect solution for those of you with a vast array of Blu-ray discs and DVDs as it enables you to browse your collection, and select and play movies on either the Strato or Alto Movie Player in your Encore system.  It holds up to 320 discs and so eradicates the effort of finding and inserting a disc every time you want to watch a film.

If you are interested in Kaleidescape, please contact Inspired Dwellings on 020 7736 6007.

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