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We are moving!

Inspired Dwellings is excited to announce that we will be relocating to Heathrow in July.  The business began in our Managing Directors, Rob Sutherland’s home, where after, the 5 person team moved into an office unit in Fulham.  Over the next few years with the team expanding, the business claimed an additional two units within the same Fulham building.  And now, 8 years since it all began, we are off to Heathrow.

Although Fulham has become a second home to many of us, and we have fond memories of Christmas decorating and carving pumpkins competitions in the office, and strolling to the infamous White Horse pub down the road, we are excited about the new prospects which will come with the move to Heathrow.

Firstly, with our business’ continued rapid growth, Heathrow has the space we need.  Currently we stand at 20 employees, however we are already looking to recruit more tech-savvy individuals, and we will have the space to comfortably accommodate them.  With employees working across three units in Fulham, we slightly lacked that unity and the move will bring us even closer together.  The layout of the office has also been carefully designed; the additional space will enable us to have better team events and training days, where everyone will be able to sit happily in the same area.

The move is enabling us to create a new cutting-edge office and allowing our engineering team to do what they do best. The Inspired Dwelling’s employees will now get to work in the kind of environment which we aspire to deliver to our clients.  And when clients come to our offices for meetings, it will be an ideal demo space.  The new office will be equipped with all the essentials such as network infrastructure, in-ceiling speakers, Multiroom Audio system, Control and Lighting system, in turn boosting employee productivity and morale.  Our design team have already drawn up the design plans, and soon our engineers will be proceeding with the install.

Heathrow is all about connections; what better way to help expand our business and integrate with the wider business community.  We can also attract more high calibre talent from other parts of the country to join our team, as they will be able to get to the office easily.  Further, our location will be convenient for when we have projects abroad.  This is important as Inspired Dwellings has already completed a couple of projects abroad, for example our lovely Alpine Chalet project, and as we continue to grow and take on more projects abroad, we know our location in Heathrow will benefit us in terms of convenience and cost efficiency.

We hope to see our clients, partners and suppliers join us at our new offices in the near future.  If anyone needs to contact us, our telephone numbers and emails will remain unchanged to ensure as smooth a move as possible.  See you on the other side!


Progress Photos

June 30, 2016

With the move fast approaching, we thought we would share some progress photos.  Our engineers have been on site daily, working hard to build a great infrastructure that will support our soon to be smart office space.  There has been some great progress and we are looking forward to seeing the final result.

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