Importance of Planning & Designing Early

Inspired Dwellings is passionate about delivering the CEDIA, RIBA and BIID accredited CPD ‘Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes’ to as many architectural practises as we can.  It not only aims to educate about the home technology industry and the service we offer, but it advises architects of the best time to inform their clients that home technology is an option.

Planning and designing for home technology at an early stage is beneficial for a number of reasons, for example in terms of costing and logistics.  Once the client has communicated to our team what systems they would like installed, we are able to accurately cost the AV and lighting elements of the system.  Our design team are then able to carefully plan and design the drawings, which can be distributed to other trades in order for them to price their services for the project.  When the client is happy with the final proposal and design, our engineers and third party contractors can proceed with the install.

Planning early means we can deliver a project to the highest possible standard as we will also be able to take into consideration the following factors to benefit the client.

1. Bespoke Design

The advantage of planning is to enable bespoke design at its best.  Your client’s lighting, AV, and other systems can be designed specifically to adapt to all the quirky ins and outs of their property.  For example, in our Belgravia Bachelor Pad project, the client did not have a dedicated room for the AV rack.  Although we always recommend AV racks to be stored in its own dedicated cool room, on this occasion we adapted our install to the architecture and design of the room so that the media boxes etc could remain hidden out of sight but within the same room and utilise all the space.

House on the Hill and The Electric Townhouse are two of our other projects to demonstrate bespoke design with hidden technology.  In both, the TV is hidden, but appear under a painting, and out of a shelfing unit respectively.  Bespoke design is beneficial as it is exclusive to your client, matching their personality and lifestyle.  If planned from the beginning, our design team can deliver this effectively.

2. Wiring

Secondly, wiring – which will need to run behind walls, floors and ceilings – is important to form the basis of a good infrastructure for home technology to work efficiently.  Designing and planning will result in less mistakes down the line and will save your client having to rewire their home because something was missed.  Planning the wiring is an important first fix for any project, whether retrofit or new build, as it is crucial for a smooth integration of multiple technological devices.

It is at this stage where decisions will need to be made about the location of the products to be installed.  For retrofit projects, it will ensure the AV company focuses on the areas that need to be rewired.  This is more time and cost efficient because for example it allows for the correct amount of cabling to be ordered from suppliers.

Additionally, our engineering team can use the AV plans to complete the delivery work proficiently, and your client will be left with a clean and modern looking property, with all wires out of sight.  This will be beneficial for prospective buyers who will be drawn to the aesthetic appeal and smart wiring of the property.

3. Future

Lastly, designing and planning early enables us to help your client meet their future needs.  For example in our Wandsworth project, we delivered a flexible system for future expansion; we fitted additional data and television points into the children’s bedrooms so that the system can grow as they do. 

Further, as our future encompasses a tech-lead lifestyle, it is important to prepare by creating a future-ready smart home.  Planning allows for the correct wiring to be put into place to support the demands of new connected devices that are likely to emerge. 

It is also appropriate for clients who do not initially have the budget for a big scale system but would like to start off with a basic audio visual install.  They then have the option to expand their system and even integrate separate systems under one manageable control system in the future as the infrastructure will have already been put into place.

For enquiries or to book a CPD, please contact Inspired Dwellings on 020 7736 6007.

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