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Whether your client is home or away, they should always have peace of mind that their property is secure.  Inspired Dwellings can provide that by installing a door entry, a CCTV system and other services.  Security is also becoming increasingly integrated with home control systems.

As a security system consists of products such as door entry panels, video monitors, CCTV cameras and other products, architects will need to work with home technology specialists to consider these products earlier rather than later in the building process.  This is because the products are wired, so although could be installed into a retrofit project, it may not be so simple and could result in unsightly cables.

CCTV Cameras

Beginning with CCTV cameras, Inspired Dwellings use Lilin, a global IP video manufacturer.  It offers high quality CCTV cameras, which become even more useful when integrated with Control4 or Crestron; home automation users with the correct camera, can move the direction of the camera and zoom in on specific spaces via the user interfaces.

The camera is able to be controlled from the same Control4 user interface where the client controls all of their other home technology i.e. the lighting and audio system, and can be accessed on a television, touch panel or even on an iOS or android device through the app.

With the Control4 app, video monitoring becomes simple.  All you need is internet access, and you can remotely view live security camera footage at all times; whether in the office or on holiday, let your client be reassured that the home automation system, with an integrated automated lighting and CCTV system, is keeping your home secure and your family safe.

Door Entry Systems

Increased integration of door entry systems with home automation systems has enabled a more connected smart home and is proving to be popular.  Inspired Dwellings will make sure the external door entry panel located outside the front door, or entry gate, is able to communicate smoothly with the internal video monitors or other devices to ensure extra security.


Control4 offers the fairly new DS2 Silver Door Station to provide enhanced security by enabling you to see who is at your front door or gates whilst inside your home via Control4 touch panels.  It produces a full-motion video and high-quality audio intercom, therefore delivering effortless communication between your client and the person outside their front door.

The speed and clarity, as well as features such as motion detection and email snapshots makes this product an ideal security solution.


BPT door entry systems have been used in our past projects due to the simplicity and sheer quality of the product.  It is the UK’s number one provider of bespoke and vandal resistant audio video door entry systems, thus can be tailored to whatever preference your client has and can even be engraved.

If your client is enquiring about the installation of a home automation system and a door entry system, BPT is the ideal option.  It is compatible with Crestron – the products use a shared network to connect with one another and as a result enables your client to communicate with the person outside their property via a Crestron touch panel or the BPT app for iOS and android devices. 

Multiple Crestron touch panels can be connected to the BPT system, however with the BPT app, only three iOS and android devices can be connected to the system.  The users of these devices have to be inside the property to receive the wireless call to notify them that someone has rung their doorbell.

BPT compatible video monitors can be integrated with Crestron panels; your client does not need to have so many Crestron panels installed all over their property.  BPT have a range of compatible handsets and monitors for your client to choose from.  For example Inspired Dwellings spec for the ‘Opale’ video monitor, which is hands-free and wall mounted to sit flush against the wall.  Similarly, if your client does not want a Crestron home automation system installed, clients can still use BPT door entry panels and opt for BPT compatible video monitors alone.

Other Security Features

Automated lighting systems can complement your home security in the two ways outlined below.

Holiday Mode

Crestron and Lutron both have lighting systems where different lighting modes can be pre-programmed during the installation process i.e. ‘holiday mode’.  Ensuring peace of mind for the home owner whilst they are on vacation, the system memorises the way you have lived for the past few weeks and can mimic the lighting activity as if you were still at home.  Users can alter settings via the Crestron touch panels, or even the Crestron or Lutron app if they are already in another part of the country.

Lutron Homeworks also offers ‘vacation mode randomisation’, which works by slightly changing up the lighting activity to enable a more realistic image of your home routine.


Your client can request for inputs such as triggers to be programmed into their alarm system, thus if the alarm goes off, the alarm system will trigger pre-programmed events.  For example the lighting system could instantaneously turn on all the lights in the house so that they start flashing to draw attention to the house.  It will only stop once the system has been disarmed.


If your client is interested in having any security features installed, please direct them to Inspired Dwellings on 020 7736 6007.

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