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Good afternoon, my name is Nick and I am Sales Executive at Inspired Dwellings. Being involved in the fast-moving world of technology means that we always strive to be at the forefront of our industry, keeping up to date with the latest product releases and solutions.

A part of this for us is visiting various distributors and manufacturers across the county (you may have read about another one of our visits, where we went to visit loudspeaker giant Bowers & Wilkins.)

The Ascott Suite

Last week we took a trip to Bracknell to visit Genesis Technologies (one of our distributors) to see their recently refurbished experience centre. We started the day with a brief catch up on our projects and how we plan on working together with Genesis to deliver fantastic solutions for our clients. The cinema tour then began and we were taken to the Ascot Suite – Genesis’ answer to the modern family Media Room – beautifully fitted out in the style of a traditional family room with bookshelves and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe leather chairs. Of course, there also happens to be an acoustically transparent masking screen (Image Screens), a Cineversum Blackwing 2 Projector and a full 7.2 audio system with loudspeakers by Wisdom Audio and amplification by Datasat. The demonstration started with ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele, which I have experienced in numerous cinemas and is excellent for demonstrating audio quality on a live performance. With the large screen and powerful line source speakers you certainly felt as if you were in the Royal Albert Hall. This was then followed up by the dance/fight scene in “Puss in Boots” and, again, audio quality was the highlight here, but what really stood out for me was the level of detail which was shown by the Civeversum Projector. Once we finished this scene, we wanted to see a bit of Action, so out came “The Avengers Assemble” and the New York battle scene. Both picture and sound quality provided an absolute treat and all from a room which, when not in use, looked like many of the smaller living rooms we work in.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we were taken into the new “ICE Cinema” a concept by Genesis, designed to present the absolute peak of what can be done in home cinema (given the right budget and time). The dedicated room would cost approximately £1,000,000 to be installed in a home and wow could you tell the difference. If the Ascot Suite was impressive, this was next level stuff . With a Native 4K Projector from Barco, Stewart “Directors Choice” 4 Way Masking Screen and most impressively a 15.4 audio system (most people with cinemas at home only have 5.1!) The demo started with the Red Bull – Art of Flight snowboarding film (a personal favourite of mine) and the picture and audio were the most impressive I have ever seen. Next up a gruesome scene from the film Drive, which involved a shooting and epic car chase, we all felt like we were there right in the movie! Being a 4K projector it was then time to see some native 4K (that’s 4 times the quality of HD) content. A series of trailers from the latest blockbuster then showed us that 4K really is pushing the boundaries of image quality. Paired with the 15.4 audio system, the gents at Genesis were absolutely spot on in describing it as the peak of what can be achieved. I have certainly never experienced anything like it and, in the words of our intern, “the local Odeon will never be the same!”

Our friends at Genesis are always happy to welcome any movie and home cinema enthusiasts to their Berkshire show room. If you want to see this $1 million home cinema for yourself (or perhaps discuss more modest media room options for homes and developments) please give us a call here at the Inspired Dwellings office. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Inspired Dwellings: 020 7736 6007

The Ice Home Cinema, in Genesis Berkshire showroom: 4K – Auro 3D – 360 Sensory Envelopment – Perfect Bass – One Row Closer – Ultra Dynamics. A steal at £1million..

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