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Our very own MD, Mr Rob Sutherland attended Grand Designs last week under the prestigious title ‘Ask the Expert’. Amongst the array of cutting edge technology, fantastic design showcases and a surprising amount of candles, Rob spent the afternoon answering questions from architects, designers, and the general public. For those of you who couldn’t make the show, here’s a snapshot of how Rob’s day went.

What does a Custom Integrator actually do?

A custom integrator will pull all facets of the Technology in the home and ensure that they all work together seamlessly, through a simple to use interface.

What are the most popular systems that consumers install in their homes?

The most well-known system is SONOs, this is a Multiroom audio system that is advertised as wireless but usually requires careful set up one beyond more than a couple of rooms. Once into larger control systems we sell a lot of Control4 in our residential projects. We are also starting to sell a number of Crestron systems for larger buildings – it really depends on what the Clients detailed requirements are and probably which user interface the client likes.

A big selling point of most recent product releases seem to come from their WiFi solutions – does this mean a cabling is becoming a thing of the past?

You would think so! However, with the increasing amount of Wi-Fi in our houses, be it data Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc., it is increasingly necessary to hardwire as many devices as possible. A total reliance on wireless devices will give you a slower connection. That being said, the range of high-end wireless products out there now does allow a much greater flexibility in retrofit jobs – depending on the product and cabling, we can generally integrate new devices into an existing stable infrastructure. It’s always best to wire static devices such as TV’s, Computers, etc.

Are there any new products on the technological horizon that we can look forward to?

The CI industry – technology in generally – has always been a fast paced environment. There’s always something new coming out. I’m looking forward to seeing the new JVC Cinema and SONOS home theatre package and the Control4 wireless music bridge

How close are we to the ‘Star Trek home’ – ie, a fully automated living area?

Surprisingly close! There’s pretty much no aspect of the home we can’t control now; the introduction of voice control and intelligent motion detectors are bringing us ever closer…

Missed Grand Designs and still not fully sure where home technology could fit into your home or project? Give us a call here at the Inspired Dwelling’s Office on 020 7736 6007. Rob and the team are always on hand for any questions you may have!

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