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Imagine walking into your home media room and pressing the second button on the lighting keypad; the lights dim, the projector screen turns on, and the projector screen comes down.  Now imagine leaving your home for the airport to go on holiday and simply pressing a button on a keypad to turn your home into ‘holiday mode’.  These home technology solutions would not be possible without a stable home automation system, which would not be possible without a great infrastructure.  The obvious benefit of a good infrastructure is an effective home automation system, enabling simple and smart living.  There are also a few other benefits.

1. A Reliable & Working System

Choosing a company that properly plans the infrastructure and wires your property correctly is an important first step in creating the perfect home automation system.  It will enable all the technology to communicate smoothly with each other.   

Wired systems rather than wireless systems are more reliable in delivering good network speed and configurability.  Wireless networks are often subject to interference due to blind spots which will not allow wireless signals to come through the walls, floors or ceiling.  Aluminium sheets, sometimes used with underfloor heating can also block a wireless signal.  Consequently, this is not ideal for a home automation system.

Although a wireless network does work for some home technology solutions, it is not strong enough to stream movies or watch 4K content as this uses large amounts of bandwidth.

2. Aesthetics/Location Flexibility

A good infrastructure will allow for a more seamless blend of home technology, retaining the aesthetics of the property interior design.  Inspired Dwellings use structured cabling on our projects so that all the cables are wired to a centralised location in the property and remain out of sight.  Structured cabling provides a whole house network for all the different systems; audio-visual, door entry, data, home automation components etc.

Product location is also more flexible with good infrastructure because detailed plans are drawn up by our design team of where all the technology would be.  This in turn enables the hidden technology concept as demonstrated in our recent completed project Riverside; the projector and projector screen are hidden in the ceiling, but can easily be revealed when required for a movie night.

Additionally, clutter is lessened not only by the fact that wires are hidden out of sight, but also via storing hardware such as a Sky box or SONOS zoneplayer connect amp in an AV rack in a cool centralised location in the property.  The wires routed back to the central location are clearly labelled by our engineers should they need to go back to the property to make modifications.

3. Future in Mind

The final benefit of having a good infrastructure is that it is guaranteed to still be useful in the future.  Smart-proofing your home for the future is advised if you are building your home from scratch and intend to live there for many years to come.  Even if you do not plan on staying their long term, it will still add value to your property when it is put on the property market.

Future-proofing with wiring is the way to go if you do not want to have to tear down your house walls in a year’s time because for example you didn’t consider having a data point installed by the study table during the planning stage.  Employing a specialist design and installation company such as Inspired Dwellings means you will be designed a wired system that considers your present and future needs.  It will save you time and money, and avoid problems arising at the end of the project.

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Inspired Dwellings on 020 7736 6007.

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