Did you watch the game last night?

“Did you watch the game last night?” Possibly the commonest phrase heard in any pub, in any part of the world. Ever.

Tonight will be no exception, as many mid-week pints are drained discussing the ins and outs of last night’s second stage games, as Argentina, Switzerland, Belgium, USA fought it out for the final qualifying places in this year’s World Cup quarter finals.

But… did any of you watch it like the Inspired Dwellings team did?

It takes a lot to get the Inspired Dwellings lot to travel up the M25 (and even more for my MD to pack up at 3pm on a Tuesday), but the prospect of watching the match in such comfort saw us heading out on a sunny afternoon.

We were of course, on our way to the amazing demonstration rooms of Pulse Marketing, cunningly tucked out of the way of the hustle and bustle of London, a stone’s throw away from Stansted airport.

With strong partnerships with Fox Home Entertainment and Disney, the Pulse guys really know their stuff. Inspired Dwellings work closely with Mike and the rest of the team, determining how to get the best home cinema experience for our clients, whatever the budget and whatever the space. With a complete line of home cinema products and decades of experience bringing big movie magic into the home, it’s a partnership we’re keen to maintain.

(Especially if it means more evenings like this…)

Despite the slow-pace of the game, relaxing in the luxury of a fully kitted out, 8 seat-er replica of the perfect home cinema more than made up for the lack of action on the pitch.

The largest of three home cinema replicas, the space features acoustically treated walls and ceilings, Triad Platinum LCRs and a floor shaking 10subwoofers. All linked up to Sky, Apple TV and Kaleidescape, it’s the perfect environment to compare source quality – all shown on the 150” anamorphic screen and powerful Runco Signature Cinema Projector.

With all the options of the Kaleidescape store, we followed the match watching a selection of movie and performance clips, kicking back and enjoying quality rarely available in the modern home – or indeed a typical commercial cinema. Highly recommended to anyone looking to make improvements or additions to their current home or project – experiencing the varying scales of home cinema will open your eyes, and reveal priorities you maybe hadn’t thought about.

The immersive quality of DBOX Technology: enhance your cinema’s seating with the minute movements and bass-like vibrations of DBOX technology. Guaranteed to augment the latest blockbusters and classic action films.

To discuss home cinema or to arrange a demonstration at Pulse Marketing, please call Inspired Dwellings. Our team will be happy to help.

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