Customer Service Themed Halloween

Last week, Inspired Dwellings hosted its staff quarterly event; the theme was customer service and communication as they are both extremely important in maintaining a reputable business.  We wanted to put Inspired Dwellings employees to the test and see what they already knew about the matter, as well as reinforce a thing or two.

Customer service can be defined as the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service.  The process can occur in the form of an in-person interaction, a phone call, self-service systems, or by other means. 

We split into four teams, and began with Activity 1, the Alphabet Task.  This was a simple training activity where the alphabet had to be listed, and the groups had to come up with something relating to customer service for every letter.  It turned out to be a great and engaging activity – the groups reported what they had come up with and we voted on the best one for each letter.  We put the final list into a wordle as seen below.

Next we played a quick round of Simon Says.  At first employees were confused as to why we were playing this activity, however it soon became clear.  For the final instruction, the instructor asked everyone to touch their nose, whilst he put his hand to his mouth.  Half the group of course followed his action rather than his verbal instruction, reiterating the importance of how body language can reinforce verbal communication. 

Consciously and sub-consciously, our body tells observers what is really going on.  It can also be stronger than verbal communication, thus it was important for employees to be aware of their body language in order to ensure they are projecting the right message to our customers.

Activity 3 was a role play where our engineers got thrown in the deep end! They were faced by a discontent customer (played by our Managing Director) over the phone or in person.  It was interesting to see how everyone responded and it opened up an in-depth discussion about the best approach to take.  One of the engineers stressed that it was important to let our customers know that they remain our clients even when the project has been completed.  This confirms our dedication to customer service, as we will always be on hand to help should any technical issues arise after project completion.  We also offer a ‘Smart Support’ service where Inspired Dwellings employees are able to access our clients system remotely to fix any technical issues efficiently. 

Overall everyone did well in communicating with the ‘customer’ in an effective manner.

Given it was Halloween, to end the activities, a Halloween pumpkin carving competition took place.  The groups competed to be the most creative and show something relating to Inspired Dwellings.  The winning entry can be seen below; a smiley face made out of the Inspired Dwellings logo, and the use of technology (rather than a candle) was used to light up the pumpkin!

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