Control4 Winners!

We are delighted to announce that for the third year running, Inspired Dwellings are the proud winners of a prestigious Control4 award. Our Wandsworth Home Project, which was done in collaboration with UV Architects, has won Best Whole Smart Home Installation over £60,000.

Rob Sutherland (Managing Director), Stewart Mullins (General Manager) & Nick Fichte (Sales Manager) picked up the award in Amsterdam, where they attended the Control4 award ceremony. A fantastic night was had by all!  

More info on the winning project can be found here


With over one thousand new product innovations on show, there’ll be more lots more info to follow from this year’s ISE tradeshow. Meanwhile, we wanted to keep you up to date with new and exciting things coming from Control4...


What is Control4?


New Year – New Look  

The standard Control4 on-wall touchscreens, portable 7” screens and handheld universal remotes have all undergone a major make-over, resulting in a much sleeker, polished design.

Touch screens now sit flush against the wall, operating a speedy 1.4 GHz Quad core Cortex-A9 processor and 8GB of Flash memory.

Mimicking the on-screen design, the new handheld entertainment SR-260 remote is more powerful, intuitive and user-friendly – allowing you to play, pause & search without taking your eyes from the screen. Customizable colour LED text, also adds another element to the traditional hand held option.


HVAC Control

Looking extremely similar to Google's intelligent thermostat Nest, Control4 have released a brand spanking new, animated heating interface, which (among other things) uses a colour feedback tool to pictate your home’s atmosphere. Just like Control4's existing lighting system, home owners can map heating & cooling settings to different times of day (ie. Bed-Time, Away, Wake-Up). Unlike Nest and standalone products, this intelligent HVAC solution is fully integrated with the rest of the home – so there’s no need to rely on motion sensors. The system is also intelligent enough to tell when such settings need to be switched. So if you've got an earlier start than usual, ‘wake up’ mode will be triggered with the first switch of the bedside light.

Comfort Solutions also integrates with any existing systems: Nest, Heatmiser, Cool Automation, Carrier


Keep in Touch via Intercom 

This new and improved intercom system has increased connection speed, and a renewed focus on privacy factors. Intercoms are useful for a number of things – checking on the children, calling everyone to dinner, seeing who’s at the front door –but may cause problems when used in the wrong way. Do Not Disturb and Audio Only settings can help your home provide the experience you’re looking for.  

To discuss how these upgrades effect your own home control system, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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