Control4 OS2.8 Update

With Control4 releasing their new OS2.8 update, Inspired Dwellings have put together a summary of the features which are available in the UK.



Beginning with security, Control4 has introduced the new DS2 Door Station.  If offers enhanced security, speed and clarity, and includes features such as motion detection, email snapshots and a new keypad option.

My Movies & My Music Experience

Control4 has also improved the movie and music experiences delivered by its product.  It now brings you an enhanced search feature for large media libraries and a new details view.  Music can also now be shared simply from your iOS device– no additional equipment is required if you have a HC800 and guests can stream their choice of tunes in your home.

Pandora, Tidal & Deezer

Now available with every Control4 system are Pandora, Deezer and TIDAL.  Adding these popular streaming services will offer you more variety and deliver an increased audio experience.

Personalised Wallpapers & Screen Savers

Control4 now enables users to personalise their In-Wall and Tabletop Touch Screens with set wallpapers or with their own photos.  The screen saver interface has also been updated to offer a new date and time display, and a clear weather view.

Limited Edition Touch Screen

With the new update comes a limited edition fiery red Tabletop Touch Screen.

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