Control4 EA Series & Product Updates

Earlier this week Control4 had a major release of some new products and software updates, including the launch of the EA controller series.

1. EA Series: EA-1, EA-3, EA-5 Entertainment & Automation Controllers

The new generation of controllers from Control4 delivers an even better experience for its users when controlling their home.  The EA series, which has replaced the HC series, consists of the EA-1, EA-3, and EA-5, and are the first Control4 home automation controllers to provide high resolution audio.



The EA-1 is suited to simple installations where only a TV and a couple of other sources are required to be controlled by the Control4 system.  It delivers single-zone audio and is three times faster than the HC-250.  Alongside the EA-3, it is small enough to fit behind a TV or be wall mounted instead of having to store it in an AV rack. 

The EA-3 is designed for small homes and apartments, whilst the EA-5 is suited to medium to large homes.  They both support multi-zone audio and home control systems.  The EA-3 is seven times faster than the HC-250, and the EA-5 is two times faster than the HC-800.  The EA series can be controlled via the Control4 app, touch panels or via remotes such as the HC-260 that can be used to operate the Control4 user interface on a screen display. 

The entire EA series now features ShairBridge – which previously was only programmed on the HC-800 – allowing music from AirPlay enabled devices to be streamed directly to your Control4 system.  As a result, anyone can stream their music from an iOS device to multiple rooms throughout the property.  This gives clients the control to tailor their smart home for any occasion.  Music can also be streamed via cloud-based services Tidal, Pandora, TuneIn, Deezer, Napster and Rhapsody, without the need for extra equipment.

Whilst providing all of this flexible control, the controllers also enable management of lighting, thermostats, door locks, security systems and more.

2. 10” T3 Table Top Touch Screen

The T3 table top portable touch screen is now available in a larger size of 10”.  It offers the same features as the 7” to enable complete control of your home technology, including providing a HD video intercom system with high quality audio.

3. Apple Watch App

The Control4 app was brought to Apple Watch users to allow controlling their home to be that much easier.  The app now has a new interface for fast interactions.

4. DS2 Door Station

The DS2 Door Station collection has been updated with four new products; flush mount, flush mount with keypad, surface mount, and surface mount with keypad.  They are only available in silver, but have key improvements such as better weather resistance and a faster intercom call set up.

5. Control4 Software

A new version of the operating system has been released to feature a more organised and modern look and feel; many icons including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV have been updated.  Further, a video switcher driver has been developed for media rooms with multiple screens.

We hope our clients will get the most out of these products; to find out more on how to upgrade the software on your Control4 system, or upgrade to the new controllers, please contact Inspired Dwellings on 020 7736 6007.  

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