Bake Off Challenge

We’re a competitive lot here at Inspired Dwellings. Following September’s Scavenger Hunt and the October Plank Challenge, the Inspired Dwellings office decided we were all feeling far too healthy.

So to prep us for the festive season and to warm up those cold winter days, we started our very own Inspired Dwellings Bake Off Challenge. 

Competition was high. For two months, each week saw two delicious bakes make their way into the office. 

There were cakes.

There were biscuits.

There was classic home cooking and intricate detailing. Our engineers popped in between rack builds and service calls to offer their professional opinion.

Entries were marked on three categories – Appearance, creativity & overall deliciousness.

Have a look at a few of our entrants below - who would your winner be?


Name: Cristina
Job Title: Design Assistant
Bake: Traditional Sponge

Home Control Bake Off

“I tried to get all elements of smart home control into the design – the star on top of the Christmas tree, the light bulb decorations and music notes along the bottom  – the penguin on top is even skating a little power button”


Name: Casey
Job Title: Project Manager
Bake: Gingerbread House Automation 

Home Control Project Manager Bake Off

“It’s all about the home automation! This ultimate Christmas Dwelling has LED lighting and multi-room sound. A tiny speaker sits in the 'living room', which played Christmas songs sent from my iPhone. My wife may have helped with the actual baking…"


Name: Struan
Job Title: Sales & Design Technician
Bake: TimTam Cheesecake

Home Automation Design Bake Off

 “Cake should be all about the taste, and how bad it can be for you. I present, TimTam cheesecake. I wouldn’t recommend eating this if you have a heart condition…
For those who are unfamiliar with this particular delicacy, a little information on the Tim Tam. Often wrongly confused with the vastly inferior Penguin biscuit, the Tim Tam is a chocolate covered and triple layered biscuit of explosive deliciousness. Tim Tams are set amongst the pinnacle of Australian food engineering and are proudly and irrevocably emblazoned upon Australian culture, revered with the same near-religious fervour as Vegemite, Lager and Allan Border's 1989 Ashes squad by Australians the world over.”


Name: Alice
Job Title: Sales Administrator
Bake: Triple Threat Rocky Road  

Home control Sales


Name: Neville
Job Title: Senior Engineer
Bake: Coffee Cake 

Engineer Bake Off

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