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Spring has officially sprung in the world of Home Technology. Products are launching, events are getting ready to roll and all those projects we’ve been designing over the winter months are starting to come to life (or at least that’s what our PMs tell us).

One such exciting development in the world of ID, is the brand new partnership with our friends at Bang & Olufsen Windsor. Together we will be working to bring Bang and Olufsen products into the world of home automation, moving ever further to that perfect state of home technology integration. More info to follow!

To celebrate this new partnership, we thought we’d designate a blog to their latest offering to the 4K, ultra high definition TV market. The VIP launch took place last Thursday, and we were there to report all the highlights from the grand unveiling.

The Beovision Avant: Flexible Living

The BeoVision Avant looks just as you’d expect a high-end 55” screen (soon to be released in 75” and 85”). Ultra slim bezel, streamlined finish with hidden cables, the television is a beautiful piece of engineering. But it’s when you turn it on that the beauty really comes to life. The first thing you notice when turning on is the unfolding sound system, which glides out of the bottom of the screen to deliver crisp and precise audio. The eight driver sound system harnesses three dedicated twitters, three mid-range units and two powerful bass drivers, all of which reconfigure depending on the location and angle of the wall behind it. So you can be sure of optimum base level, whatever your viewing angle. If that’s not enough for you, the screen has built in Wi-Fi to connect to other speakers around the property and can also be controlled direct from the BeoVision app or your home’s control system.

Indeed, the whole concept of this product is one of fluidity; the television, ‘Turning to You’.

The tagline is not merely a gimmick or clever piece of marketing. The Rotating Stand really does move to match your lifestyle. Perfect for open plan living, the screen not only rotates – up to 90degrees in each direction – it also orbits the stand itself. So whether at the breakfast bar, relaxing on the sofa or entertaining guests, both screen and speakers will adjust to suit your needs. The three ‘Snapshot’ buttons on the brand new aluminium remote can even access these positions at the touch of a button – no trawling through menus or constant rearranging of the screen. This TV moves to accommodate you – not the other way around.

Other options include a motorized table stand and flush wall mounting. Arguably the most traditional option, the table stand drops to 55 degrees at stand-by, elevating up to reveal the drop down speakers when turned on. On the wall, the screen sits flush, raising itself out and rotating up to 60 degrees in a chosen direction.

It terms of picture quality, it’s everything you’d expect in a 2014 release. In addition to Ultra High Definition (UHD), the creators at B&O have also dampened disturbing screen reflections by more than 98% through anti-reflective coating on each side of the dual-layer reinforced glass. And, of course, its 4k ready, meaning that whatever the future holds for the next stage of broadcasting, the Avant is ready for it. It also comes fully loaded with customisable sources, including; Internet Radio, Youtube, Smart TV, Spotify & Deezer, along with 8HDMI.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Bang & Olufsen Windsor, where Phil, Stewart and Jim are waiting to share their enthusiasm!

Alternatively, for questions or projects relating to home automation and integration, please call the Inspired Dwellings office.

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