A Glance Back at 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

And what a year it’s been. Like most young, ambitious companies, a large part of December was spent looking back at our favourite projects and the successes the company has experienced as a whole. Ever since Rob and Sarah put their heads together in 2007, Inspired Dwellings has enjoyed steady progression and it was nice for the staff to peer over their paperwork and look back on our achievements – if nothing else it gave us something to chat about over the Christmas Party!

So what have we done?

Most importantly we’ve completed some fabulous projects this year, transforming traditional and modern buildings alike into state of the art smart homes.

We worked with leading London architects, Roland Cowan, who were transforming two apartments in this historic former hospital to become one unique living space.

Home Cinema at its finest – Inspired Dwellings bring past and present together as a 55″ Panasonic Screen meets Victorian Architecture.

The Modern London Smart Home: complete AV integration – right down to the kitchen sink!

One of our projects was even brought into your own living room as Grand Designs revisited one of our fave developments to find out how the family (and the control system!) were faring, a year down the line.

We collaborated with architects, Ian and Claire Hogarth, as they finally built themselves the house of their dreams – a house so stunning, it was featured on the TV show ‘Grand Designs’.

Nominated for Best Domestic Install: Some of the crew attending the 2012 Essential Install Awards

[From top left] David, Ben, Bert, Katie, Kim

December saw us spend an evening at Sandown Race Course [above], as two of our properties were shortlisted for Best Domestic Install at the 2012 Essential Install Awards. The expansion of the marketing department and general style of our current and upcoming projects mean that we hope to spend many more glamorous evenings celebrating the best of the industry… meaning that there’ll be plenty of photo’s to put on our brand spanking new website! 2012 saw us entering the realms of social media - tweeting, facebooking and blogging our way into your daily newsfeed and showcasing all of our amazing projects and recruitment opportunities.

With so much in the pipeline and with the successes of 2012 pushing us on, it’s fairly safe to say that 2013 is going to be a big year for us. And with the last of the Christmas chocolates well and truly eaten there really is nothing left to do but see what this year has is store for us. Here’s hoping it’s a good one!

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