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Home entertainment, sound and vision all mean different things to different people. Whether you’re looking for a discreet solution, to create a focal point, or simply to consolidate all of your media into one easy-to-use system, our team will design the perfect entertainment solution for you.

Inspired Dwellings are experts at designing and installing extensive audio-visual systems into homes and businesses, and we can work toward providing your property with state of the art multi-room audio and home media systems. We are proud partners of Bang & Olufsen and accredited Bowers & Wilkins dealer.


While overseeing the installation of a new audio-visual system, Inspired Dwellings can:

  • Connect all of your music and video libraries - Whether you’re listening to jazz, folk, classical or dance, as an MP3, through the internet, on CD or even vinyl, we are able to link it all together through a hidden central hub
  • Control your media through a single remote - Stream on-line media, play your favourite Blu-Rays and watch On Demand services with one easy-to-use device that stores and controls all of your media. No longer will you need a clutter of DVD, CD players and iPod docks in every room.
  • Sync your home - Falling asleep in your media room or sitting room during the film? Synchronised multi-room media enables you can turn off the set and carry on watching the film exactly where you left off, tucked up in bed.
  • Create multiple audio zones throughout the home – So mum can listen to Springsteen in the kitchen, dad snoozes to Radio 4 upstairs and the kids enjoy surround sound audio in the movie room.
  • Integrate on-line servers to store all of your physical and on-line media - Netflix, Lovefilm, On Demand, AppleTV and other download or streaming services can be easily accessed in an automated home with optimised connectivity, meaning a world of entertainment is at your fingertips.
  • Design speaker layouts and install speakers – We work with you to integrate speakers into your home in your desired fashion, whether that be into walls, ceilings, invisibly behind plaster, and outside.


To find out more and see examples of our work, click the images below.

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