You may have recently heard of people talking about The “Internet of Things” or IoT for short. The concept is all related to connectivity, and having all your technology connected and communicating. At Inspired Dwellings we ensure your smart home is as well-connected as it can possibly be, with a view to making your life easier.

As an example we could connect your oven to the internet, so you could make sure it was preheated before arriving home - or how about asking your fridge to make more ice for you before a dinner party or barbeque? Your home can be contacted, monitored and prepped from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are in the world. An Inspired Dwellings designed infrastructure keeps your home connected.


Inspired Dwellings can make sure that your smart home is making the most of connectivity by doing the following things:

  • Comprehensive Internet Coverage - through “designed-in” cable infrastructure we can make sure that your home has a steady connection, both for wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) devices.
  • Hide wires - whenever anyone thinks of technology they historically think of black boxes and ugly wires. With a “design-in” infrastructure all wires will be hidden and the black boxes get hidden centrally in a purpose built rack so that they are out of view.
  • Integrate with the IoT through clever devices – i.e. intelligent heating and security companies have push notifications sent to your phone if smoke is detected. Home owners can then use the integrated cameras to check in.
  • Give single user interfaces - before the iPhone, few people knew what a “user interface” was. Now we are used to being able to do everything in the palm of our hands with a single app. Why not have one for your home?
  • Synchronise your life - download a song in your London home on your tablet and make sure that when you get in to your car or holiday home it is there ready to play on your home’s audio-visual system.
  • Embrace new technologies - with Apples HomeKit around the corner and companies like Nest making home automation more affordable and accessible, we want to be at the forefront and able to offer you the best and newest solutions.


To find out more and see examples of our work, click the images below.

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