Smart Home, Smart Move?

With home automation becoming more of a phenomenon, the topic of whether smart homes are worth the investment has been hugely debated over the past year.  As an AV installation company, Inspired Dwellings would like to offer some food for thought which you can pass on to potential clients, as to why a smart home is a smart move.

4 Reasons why Smart Homes are Worth the Investment

1. Future Proofing your Home

Smart-home wiring plans for a new build or renovation is a clever decision to make; smart homes are our future, especially now that they are becoming more affordable.  Homes without the infrastructure to connect to smart-city grids or operate the newest technological innovations may become a problem.  If your client does not prepare for the future, there is a possibility that they will have a disadvantage in the property market, and struggle to sell.

Today, people are looking for houses with a ‘cool’ factor.  They want a property which they can buy knowing that they will be able to sell it on without having to spend much more money renovating it.  According to the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Home Builders, a home automation system could increase your property’s value by 3-5%.  Thus, pre wiring a home to enable the potential for a smart home, will make a massive difference in whether your client receives their asking price, or if they have to settle for a lower price.

2. Energy Efficiency

A smart home is more than just a flashy system in your home.  It can be used to monitor, control, and reduce your client’s usage of heating and lighting services – smart heating and hot water control devices enable more flexibility than your traditional heating system.  Our world is becoming more environmentally conscious, and the AMA Research Home Automation Market Report UK 2015-19 has shown that home energy efficiency is driving the market for smart heating controls.  Individuals are adapting to the micro-generation, which has been considered a key growth driver of home automation systems.

In line with keeping up with what the future has in store, environmental standards will need to be adhered too.  The ‘Zero Carbon Homes Standard’ for example, was implemented by the government and proposes that all new homes be built as a zero carbon home.  Builders will have to decrease all carbon emissions from the energy used by fixed heating, lighting and hot water services.  Additionally, the UK has a plan to begin implementation of smart meters into UK homes starting in autumn 2015 (Transparency Market Research).

3. Security

Not only are tech-savvy individuals looking for smart homes within the property market, but so are security conscious buyers.  Security is a popular reason for fitting a home automation system, as it ensures peace of mind for the home owner that their house is secure and that their family are safe.

Furthermore, for convenience purposes, people employed by a home owner such as a gardener, can access the property easily.  With smart security systems, your client is able to allocate individuals their own entry pin code and programme the pin code to only work for the hours which they have been hired.  Restrictive entry enables your client to feel at ease.


4. Uncluttered Home

The last pro to mention for a smart house is that the result is a neat, uncluttered space.  A sound system can seamlessly blend into your client’s home.  For example Bowers and Wilkins in-ceiling speakers are extremely popular with clients we have worked with in the past.

Secondly, smart TV screens can be wall mounted with Peerless or Future Automation products to sit flush against the wall.  TV, DVD, PlayStation boxes etc. which need to be connected to the TV, can all be kept nearby in a cool area to improve equipment life span.  Wires can then be kept out of sight, enabling a tidy area.  The reason for this is that PlayStation and other consoles need to be in the room with the user to enable them to work properly.  If they are in the rack they are not usable.


Lastly, with a home automation system such as Control4 or Crestron, a single remote, touch panel, or mobile can be used to control all the technology in your home.  This means that there are not multiple controllers in one room.

However, a smart home is only worth the investment if…

  • Your client is able to manage their costing.
  • If the home control system is installed properly.

Managing their costs requires sticking to their cost plan.  If the initial upfront cost is too much, the solution is to add as you go.  For example, one of our clients started with a high quality audio visual infrastructure, and is now enquiring about a home control system.  Your client should also be given a clear estimation document so they can see how much they will be spending.  Once Inspired Dwellings gets an enquiry, we produce an estimate which corresponds with the budget stated by the client.  Further, if any requests are made i.e. to increase the television size of all the televisions in the property, we immediately update the estimation document so that the client is aware of any additional costs that they will need to pay.

Your client should make sure the company they are hiring are able to install a home automation system properly, with all the correct documentation such as operations and maintenance manuals.  The system should be easy to use, and the client should be offered technical support post installation.  These are all things which Inspired Dwellings offer; our Smart Support service is offered to clients once a project has been completed.  Their system can be accessed remotely from the Inspired Dwellings office by our engineers to deliver updates and fix many technical issues that may arise.  Should a visit be required, Inspired Dwellings are able to send out one of our engineering team to assist these visits, charged at our standard hourly service rate.

For more information on smart home installation, please get in touch with Inspired Dwellings on 020 7736 6007.

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