Lighting Design & Control

Lighting control systems such as from the likes of Lutron, Crestron and Rako, have become more prevalent in homes today for aeshetic, practicality and security reasons. Not only will it maximise property value, but it will simplfy your cilents life. 

Lighting should be considered at the early stages of your clients project, to enable the lighting designer to collaborate with the architect and interior designer, whilst keeping in mind the needs of the client.  This will result in a seamless space, where the lighting compliments your clients home, and can be controlled with the simple touch of a button.

Inspired Dwellings outline two reasons why your client should consider professional lighting design and an automated lighting system for their property.

1) Complements Interior Design & Client Lifestyle

Lighting Design

When designing a lighting system, three lighting fundamentals should be considered; ambient, accent and task lighting.  Firstly, ambient lighting will bring a comfortable level of brightness to the room without glare. Chandeliers and ceiling or wall-mounted lights can deliver ambient lighting as they are usually located centrally in the space and can also act as a key interior feature of the room.  Secondly, accent lighting creates visual interest, and can be used to draw attention to certain focal points in the property i.e. paintings.  Lastly, task lighting complements the specific task you are carrying out, whether that’s reading, cooking or working.  Considering lighting fundamentals during the lighting design process is important as it can completely transform a space to match your client’s lifestyle.

Lighting Control

A lighting control system can effectively allow your client to pre-programme and automate their property’s lighting fundamentals.  They can pre-programme lighting scenes to suit a certain time of day or type of occasion.  This can be taken a step further when a lighting system is integrated with a home control system such as Control4.  For example, when hosting a movie night and ‘cinema’ mode is selected, the integrated systems will communicate with one another to produce the perfect home cinema experience; not only will all the lights dim, but the blinds will close automatically, the speakers will turn on, the projector will power up, and the projector screen will be revealed.

An automated lighting system will also result in a reduction of conventional lighting switches plastered all over the walls, as one switch or button on a lighting keypad is sufficient in controlling multiple lighting circuits.  Your client will also be able to control their lighting via an app on their iOS or android device, or via a remote on a user interface.  Therefore, whilst we would always have a keypad in the room to allow for simple control, there will be less clutter and a more aesthetically pleasing space.

2. Energy Efficiency & Security

Lighting Design

A well designed lighting system will allow for the lighting designer to carefully select the appropriate lights to fit into your client’s home, ensuring that the most energy efficient and cost effective options are chosen. 

Lighting Control

With pre-programmed lighting scenes, your client can control the level of brightness.  Whilst abroad, they can select ‘holiday’ mode for a lighting routine that mimics their usual lighting behaviour in order to keep their property secure.

However, instead of having the lighting on the usual level of brightness, your client can programme their system so that the lights are on a lower level of brightness.  Dimming lights will save them energy, for example a light bulb will last 20 times longer when dimmed to 50%.

Further, when leaving for work, your client can turn of all the lights in their property with the pre-programmed ‘goodbye’ scene which will ensure nothing has been left on by mistake.  Again, if the lighting system was integrated with a home control system, your client could have their system programmed so that the ‘goodbye’ scene also turned off the AV systems in the home, and enabled the alarm.  If they forget to do this, they can simply control the system from their car or office via an app on an iOS or android device, offering peace of mind.

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