ISE 2016 Product Updates


The Crestron booth displayed a room by room tour of residential and commercial environments. 

  • New heating / lighting keypads have been introduced with the Crestron Connected Program; Crestron now allows third party keypad manufacturers to input Crestron hardware into their keypads.  One of these third party product is a new Nest-style product called Tyba.  It is a controller that offers a wide range of interfaces to match the control solutions that the client has requested.
  • The new keypad, C2N-LCDB3, has 6 navigation buttons and 3 scene buttons, allowing for easier navigation.
  • The Crestron PyngTM app now allows quick and easy configuration of devices with custom pre-sets on an Apple iPad.  Once set up, they can then be controlled from an iPad, iPhone,  iPod touch, Crestron Touch panel or Keypad.
  • PinPoint proximity detection is an optional add-on to the Crestron App, and works by allowing your mobile to automatically know which room it is in.  The Crestron controls for the room you are in will appear on the interface without you having to manually select the room you are in.



At ISE this year, Control4 brought us a new on-screen navigator featuring moving background graphics as well as allowing smooth transitions between screens.  There are also new icons to make the interface more user friendly and users can even create their own icons.

  • Control4 now also gives users direct access to streaming services via Roku or Amazon Fire TV.  Upon selecting the watch icon on the Control4 user interface, if you have Roku or Amazon Fire TV integrated with the Control4 system, you will be able to select and operate Video services directly by using the Control4 universal remote control. This means with a push of one button you can access Netflix or iPlayer direct form your Contorl4 navigator.
  • New square lighting keypads were showcased to expand opportunities for EMEA Control4 dealers as the square shape fits a range of wall boxes commonly found in European and Asian homes.  It consists of a Wireless Dimmer, Wireless Switch, and Wireless Keypad, that can even be integrated with the new Control4 EA series controllers.
  • Control4 has also acquired Pakedge – an expert in advanced home networking products and cloud network-management capabilities for wireless and wired networking solutions – which will strengthen Control4’s aim in delivering the best connected homes to clients.  Pakedge further delivers efficient power management, which is beneficial and important for the type of systems we provide our clients with. 
  • A new door station that is quicker, has keypad options and preforms better in low light.  The door station camera stream can be viewed on all Control4 touch panels and allows for 2 way communication to the gate.


Lutron has launched new products for the residential sector in the European market.

  • The Sivoia QS Triathlon WIDR roller shades were showcased.  They are large, battery-powered, wirelessly controlled and also available in a number of sizes; from 0.5m wide x 0.3m tall to 3.65m x 3.65m tall.  The shades are aesthetically pleasing and operate smoothly and quietly.  The shades can be connected to the HomeWorks QS system, thus can be operated by keypads or via the Lutron app for iOS and Android devices.  If not, the shades can simply be controlled by a remote control.
  • Lutron Connect was showcased, consisting of the Lutron Connect App and Lutron Connect Bridge cloud-based hardware.  This enables control from an iOS or Android device and is currently compatible with a HomeWorks QS and Radio RA 2 lighting systems. 
  • The Palladium keypads were also on display and pre-engraving now allows clients to save price wise.  These keypads have integrated backlight control to enable the engraving to be seen clearly in both the day and night, and now have matching accessories.  Have a look at this video to learn more about how the Palladium keypads work.

Bowers & Wilkins

  • The highlight of the B&W showcase at ISE was its high-end home cinema featuring B&W home cinema speakers delivering the latest surround sound formats including Dolby Atmos and the DTS:X.  These formats provide object based sound to deliver a true immersive experience.  The cinema also consisted of nine B&W CWM8.3 speakers, five CCM8.5, a CWM8.5, two SW15, and two DB-1 subwoofers.
  • Two cinema speakers were also displayed.  The CCM Cinema 7 is designed for down-firing in-ceiling speakers (whether positioned left, right or centre) in a discreet home cinema system.  The drivers are angled to the mounting surface and can be directed towards listeners for optimum sound i.e. clear dialogue and accurate special effects.  Installation does not require any tools due to the QuickDogs™ fixing method that B&W use for simplicity, and the bezel and metal grille can be customised to complement any décor.  The CWM Cinema 7 is a powerful in-wall speaker, yet discreet and can be mounted beside, above or below the screen.  Similar to the CCM Cinema 7, it can be customised and also delivers clear dialogue and accurate special effects.
  • Two new in-ceiling speakers were launched.  The CCM663RD retains the best features of the CCM663, however is suited to smaller spaces with a reduced depth (hence the ‘RD’ in the title) at 90mm.  The new CCM632 is suited to those wanting a seamless speaker integration with the similar quality of a Hi-Fi speaker.  With a 75mm driver, a clean sound is produced, and the grille/bezel is available in a round or square shape.
  • Marine 6 and Marine 8 were introduced to withstand the extreme conditions of the marine environment; temperature, salt spray, and hosing down.  They have gained IP66 ratings when installed properly, and the metal grille and screws are marine-grade stainless steel.  The driver is made up of a non-corroding rigid polymer, and to prevent permanent deformation when hosed down, the tweeter dome has rear support.  The audio quality remains uncompromised.  These speakers are also suited to saunas and stream rooms, however should not be installed in-ceiling.
  • B&W showed Rotel Products, RA-1592 integrated stereo amplifier & RAP-1580, a surround receiver (only available from Q2 or Q3 of 2016).  Classé products from its new Sigma range were also shown including the Sigma 2200i Stereo Integrated Amplifier.  This product line is designed to produce high quality sound at an affordable price.
  • Lastly the infamous AM1 speakers were showcased but like never seen before.  A variety of exterior finishes were shown specifically for ISE, to showcase the extent of customisation which B&W can deliver to meet customer needs.

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