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Many of our clients main concern is whether or not the audio visual and other home technology will blend in with the interior design of their property.  For older properties, where clients want unique architectural features to remain, Inspired Dwellings is able to seamlessly blend and incorporate modern technology into the property. 

So when your next client is in doubt over integrating smart technology into their home, you can assure them that Inspired Dwelling’s can install home technology without it being intrusive.  Function and design features are equally important and should be balanced; design should not compromise technology being able to work to the best of its ability.  Therefore, architects, interior designers and audio visual installers should work together from the beginning of a project, whilst taking into account client considerations.

Our suppliers such as Amina Technologies have balanced performance with the aesthetics of its products.  Its in-wall speakers are installed underneath plaster, wood panelling or other materials as to not intrude on the interior style or design, yet still offer great sound.  These speakers can even be used in wet rooms such as pool houses as they are protected from humidity by the layer of material surfacing them.  In turn they will not erode.  Additionally, with a regular speaker, sound would reflect and echo, however with Amina invisible speakers, the sound reflects on to the surface layer and thus the audio is clearer and less prone to echoing.

Inspired Dwellings have put together a selection of ideas from our project portfolio, with examples of how your client could hide smart technology in their home.

Smart Ideas

1. TV hidden by art as in House on a Hill.

The client has the option to make the piece of art the focal point of the room, however with the television cleverly hidden behind, when it is needed it can simply be revealed with the touch of a button.

2. Speakers hidden behind fabric as in Art Deco Apartment

Three front speakers & two subwoofers are hidden behind the acoustic stretched grey fabric. Rear speakers are plastered into the rear walls so they cannot be seen.


3. LED lighting strips as in Richmond Family HomeLuxury Chelsea Apartment and Riverside

LED strips are a subtle and simple way to enable a lighting system in your client’s property.

4. TV hidden under the bed as in Richmond Park

The client did not want to clutter their wall space and opted for a motorised TV bracket which enables the TV to rise out from under the bed with the touch of a button.


5. TV hidden by bespoke joinery as in Electric Townhouse & Oxfordshire Country Home. 

Both projects feature bespoke joinery, enabling the television to be hidden when not in use.  For Oxfordshire Country Home, the client wanted the scenic views to remain visible when they woke up, hence hiding the technology was an ideal solution.

6. Hide projector in the ceiling as in North London Family Home and Riverside

With the touch of a button on the Control4 remote, the projector, fitted on a motorised mount, and the projector screen will appear out of the ceiling.


7. iOS & android devices over touch panels as in Riverside

Some clients might not want touch panels – something which they may perceive as extra clutter to wall space.  Many smart technology companies have developed apps for iOS and android devices where the client can access the necessary features to control their home technology.

8. In-ceiling speakers as in Chelsea Townhouse

Bowers and Wilkins in-ceiling speakers often feature in our projects due to the high quality sound and seamless blend with the property’s interior design.



If you are interested in having smart home technology installed, please contact Inspired Dwellings on 020 7736 6007.

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