How We Work


1. Consult 

Each project – and home owner – is different.  Whether a new build or retrofit, listed-building or state-of-the-art conversion, Inspired Dwellings will work with you to provide the perfect lifestyle solution. Our reputation has been built through focusing on your end-goal - what do you want from your system - and then designing a solution based on infrastructure and products.

After carefully reviewing your project and understanding your needs, our sales team will talk you through the various options. Getting to grips with your lifestyle and what you want from you property is imperative. Your first site visit will always be free, and our sales team will be on hand throughout the decision-making process. For larger projects this also includes meeting with other contractors – architects and interior designers – the end objective is the same for everyone involved. 


2. Design

Inspired Dwellings take great pride in their design led approach. We believe our drawings form an essential communication plan between stakeholders, acting as a visual for all parties to engage with and understand expected outcomes.

Once appointed, our in-house design team will visualise your brief, working with electrician's drawings, project specifications and interior designer's mood boards, to translate your requirements into detailed CAD drawings and cable schedules. All of our designs are carried out by an in-house team and are structured on a foundation of comprehensive and stable infrastructure.

Our drawings also include enough cabling to facilitate future work or expansion, taking into account the fast-paced nature of media and technology trends in the 21st century. Our Design Department will be on hand throughout the tendering and initial stages of a project, to answer any questions you may have.


3. Deliver & Install

We look to make our installations as streamlined as possible.  Once appointed, your project will be given its own dedicated Project Manager.

Whilst other contractors are busy on site, our equipment racks will be built and tested in our workshop in Heathrow. Here, our in-house programmers will write and test software on your system, and our delivery team will install the hardware on site. The aim is to make sure everything works and meets your expectations, and we welcome you to come and test it at this stage. The centralized equipment racks are then delivered to site, where they are connected to the installed hardware, meaning that every element of your home technology is ready to go as soon as it enters the building.

Throughout the build and installation process your project manager will be your point of contact, ensuring your needs are met and answering any questions. Regular Client-Contractor meetings are a staple here at Inspired Dwellings, guaranteeing every single idea presented to us at the start of the build, is visible at the final handover.


4. Aftercare

Here at Inspired Dwellings, we know that a project doesn’t just end when we pack up the empty boxes and go home. Like all technology, regular software updates are advisable; our dedicated aftercare contracts and call-out service are here to take care of any issues you may have further down the line, scheduling annual maintenance visits and (in most cases) remote access to your system.

All of our projects come with a one-to-one hand-over session, to deal with any last minute questions or concerns you may have. Should it be necessary, group training session can also be arranged for development properties.

Once handover is complete, you will be furnished with a complete Operations & Maintenance Manual, which includes passwords, schematics and data networking information. The manuals also come with the personal contact details of your project manager, so you always have a point of contact familiar with your home. 

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